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The "ELMEH" is used for electromechanical budgets conductors and protective ropes and making the mounting table deflection and load with vertical and horizontal forces. All tables are automatically calculated and made in the Excel file. The input data for the entries in the dialog box or through pre-recorded input file, it is also possible to specify the terms of the budget, such as temperature range, the stress, the force of the wind, the extra burden; while data on columns and default fields can directly import from columnar list or manually enter.

ELMEH program has three modules that can be procured separately: Jseng - budget equation of state; Truxa-Tables deflection of domestic objects and tables deflection for foreign objects (tablesag, miran and Priss). 


With the program you get the USB key, so that the program can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, and the program works only when the USB key is inserted.


Video presentation of this program you can find on the link: